4 Tips For New Mums

1. Take in every moment as a first time mum

Becoming a mum for the first time can be an overwhelming experience, the pressures to do good by bub and well not BREAK said him/her can ultimately break a woman. But let us not forget to slow down, there’s no rush in parenting you will have your bub for many years so relax through the challenging moments and remember what everyone always tells you… “ They grow up too quick.” Enjoy the magic along with the good the bad and the explosions

2. Buy in bulk

My girlfriend always use to buy her favourite things in two’s, two Kookai tops in every shape, Two pairs of her fave jeans and well, two of everything. I always thought she was a little quirky though I completely understood her purpose. When it comes to baby however, having lost one too many newborn singlets to nappy explosions I am all about buying in bulk because a mummy can never have enough back ups.


3. Baby can come at any minute so get ready

Just when you’re focused on finishing your final weeks at work baby may just arrive unexpectedly early so girl get your baby goods ready to go! Stock up in Nappies, Swaddles, Onesies, Baby wipes and even more Nursing Pads! The last thing you want is to be roaming your local shopping centre on your day of dispatch shopping for baby basics.

4. Stock up in Onesies

Stock up in your best friend, the double zipper onesie that makes nappy changes an easy task. Bub won’t wear much more than her basics so the more the merrier.

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