About Us

Beautifully considered clothes made for cherished moments.

Families are at the beating heart of our brand. Each handmade piece is uniquely created with the core purpose of lasting and being lovingly worn in many ways, throughout many fond memories of a child’s first precious years and beyond. Each jumpsuit has been timelessly designed and lovingly stitched to be passed down to loved ones. So, the stories and the clothes worn in those moments are as endless and treasured as each other.

Bambino & Bundles was made with two heartfelt purposes in mind - to both give back to families in need and to create a brighter future for our children and our children’s children. Owner and Mum of two, Sandrine, brought Bambino & Bundles to life with a passionate focus to create not only sustainably and ethically made babywear but also to design pieces that would inspire slow buying habits in the parents - as well as make a difference in the world. Every single jumpsuit is lovingly sketched, stitched and trimmed in Australia with the sole aim to be timeless, long-lasting and to be worn beautifully in many different ways using 100% Organic Cotton.

Meet the Maker

Sandrine is truly one of the most passionate business owners you could ever have the pleasure of meeting. When Sandrine first became a mum, she soon realised how wasteful the babywear industry had become. Everyone was always after the next ‘cute’ outfit for their little one, instead of purchasing high quality sustainably made clothes that would last, be loved and become a memento to be passed down for generations. For as long as she can remember, she has possessed a burning desire to help people and create a brighter future for all. It was in this moment that Sandrine discovered her purpose and from which Bambino & Bundles was born. This compassionate mission is stitched into the very fibre of the brand - to wholeheartedly make positive change within the industry, our planet and the people in it.