Much like the memories you share with your little one, the clothes they wear in those moments should be made to last.

Every parent possesses the same goal - to create the brightest future for our children. We believe one of the ways we can achieve this is with the mantra of - what we buy matters. For if we care deeply for our children, we should too care for our planet - for it is the future home of our loved ones.

The clothing industry is one of the world’s largest polluters. As well as embodying many terrible habits we would be ashamed of if our child possessed or experienced (such as unfair working conditions).

We need a change.

Bambino & Bundles was born with the vision of making beautifully made babywear, without compromising on social and environmental aspects of production. It's the heart of the Bambino & Bundles brand and informs every step we take.


Making clothes will always have an impact on the planet and the people who live here. Our challenge is to make it as small as possible. The journey towards sustainability is a long but worthy one, we will forever be growing towards a better seed-to-shop solution.


People are the beating heart of our brand. At the core of our business is a desire to bring happiness and positivity not only to the children who wear our garments but to every person involved in bringing our product into being.


We believe in using the fabric that matters. All of our pieces are handmade and stitched using the most sustainable fibres. Each jumpsuit is created from beautifully soft, 100% Organic Cotton.


We believe that producing locally is the key to a better, simpler and greener supply chain. It continuously ensures a high standard and quality of our products, fairness of work for our employees, a much lower carbon footprint and CO2 emissions due to shipment of fabrics, samples and products.

All of our packaging is recycled and recyclable, compostable, and designed with the planet in mind.

Let’s leave a legacy for our children.