Bambino & Bundles Satchels

Designing the perfect packaging for our little onesies was a special experience and one led by Sydney based branding agency SR Creative Co.

The process of design involved a journey into our brand values, as we sought to communicate our company ethos through using natural and sustainable materials.

Alongside the use of 100% Organic Cotton, we uncovered an opportunity, that being not only a beautiful heirloom storage for our designs, but in fact a practical little satchel which can be used for all types of daily essentials.

While we didn’t initially design our satchels for multipurpose usage it was introducing this little bag to our own toddlers that we realised they make for the sweetest little satchel backpack a perfect size for storing little toys, hair ribbons and socks.

With practicality, sustainability and a vibrant sense of style we are soo proud of our little satchels and we can’t wait for you all to share your #bambinosatchel stories with us on Instagram.

Why Organic Cotton